Quilon Real Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd. QUILON REAL ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION PVT. LTD.

Real Engineering & Construction has been established in the year 1998 with an aim to provide Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering services for customized job and heavy engineering inputs for infrastructure projects under one roof. REC has been in this field since its inception and proven to be one of the leading engineering services in its areas of operation. In the year 2008, the company has been promoted to a Private Limited Company, Quilon Real Engineering & Construction Pvt Ltd.

Our Work Ethics

Our personnel are dedicated to the goals of the company. Believes in team work, continuous improvement and are committed to the growth of the organization. We boast a work culture that promotes creativity and excellence and rewarding merit with recognition and incentives. Towards this end we provide our site personnel with an array of facilities and benefits.

Our Vision

Be an undisputed leader in the areas of operation with quality driven engineering services. To provide efficient, reliable and growth oriented opportunities and solutions for client. Provide career growth and sustainable retainer ship to workforce.